What we look for in a server – tips for applying for server job

serverWhen applying for a server job there are a number of things to consider. These things to consider create the system that is necessary to get the job. These methods have been tried and trusted and are used every single day— everywhere work can be found.
Like everything, a positive attitude goes a long way. Every single employer has a gift inside of them where they can pick up vibes. They will pick up one of two vibes from potential employees: either, the potential employee will be happy and ready to work with a smile, or the employee will have an attitude, hate the world, and will not want to work. It is best to be the positive employee, because this is the employee that always gets the job.

The first step would be to look at your surroundings. I’m not talking about the dinky restaurant on the corner that is run by teenagers. I’m talking about the restaurants in town that are owned by the big-shots of the community. Talk to all of your friends, relatives, people within the neighborhood, and people within the local community. Find anyone who is connected to these restaurants and try to get them to vouch for you to use their name as a reference. This reference will go a long, long way is done the proper way.

Many people lose their opportunity for two reasons: they do not know the people they talk to everyday are connected to these restaurants, and, secondly, they are afraid to approach these individuals. The best thing to do is think free, think big, and go over and beyond to land the job that you desperately want.

And additional resource is to have an excellent resume. This resume should be filled with past restaurant that were busy and have a big name. Also, the reasons for leaving these past jobs better be good ones. Include anything within your resume that has some kind of significance. This means any type of award that was ever won, any type of letters given from previous restaurants, and excellent references. These references should be real people that this new employer can call; many people make this mistake—they think this new employer will not call the references, but when they call and get a ‘phone not in service message’ there is no job.  If you have no idea how to prepare a resume, here is a link to some good examples.

These are the best ways to land a server job. Many, many individuals have used these methods to apply for server jobs, and they were able to land these jobs with no problem. The greatest ratio of people succeeded because they experimented with every single route that is listed herein. This is great because is gives every single potential employee a better chance at landing the job. The best approach would be to never give up, and always try to discover new ways to beat the odds, and new ways to find light in the darkness. This becomes the ultimate challenge when considering finding a job.

How To Deal With Oily Hair Problems for Restaurant Chefs

Being a chef, having an oily hair may feel unpleasantly sticky as if it has a greasy film on it. This may be due to the excess heat in the kitchen, wearing a hat all the time, not shampooing frequency, using heavy creams or greases, keeping on touching it with your hands and the like. 

In case you’re a chef and your hair becomes oily even after you have just washed it, the below few hair-care tips can help.

1. Try dry shampoo – to enable quick oil absorption in the course of the day in case you find your hair oily even before the day is over, use dry shampoo. It helps in absorbing odors due to the oil over-production, aids in volumes and immediately sucks up the oil. Click here to see what are the recommended shampoo for oily hair.

2. Use a clarifying treatment or shampoo twice a month – your oily hair may be due to heavy conditioners or product buildup. Your hair maybe quite good at holding on to the traces oil, make use of dry shampoo to remove all these traces.

3. You can try using a powder that is oil absorbing at the root and offers a long lasting absorption of grease.

4. Become a hair lush – beer can be perfect for the hair. It works in giving it the body and works as a hair deep cleaner. You should put it in the hair, after shampooing, let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse.

5. Try sulfates – sulfates are this season’s trendy leave out ingredients in beauty products and foods. But it’s better to have them in case you need more cleansing. Shampoos such as Neutrogena Clean Shampoo contain sulfates and are going to wash dirt away without removing key moisture. For those with color-treated tresses, Matrix Logics Clarifying shampoo is a good try.

By using the above tips, you can part ways with oily hair while at your work as a chef and welcome the bouncy, silky tresses. There are lots of science in hair care products and there are lots of specialized shampoo and conditioners for just about every situation you might have. To learn more about hair care, check out this site (easy hair care dot com)


grillingOutdoor grilling is a cooking technique which you can learn easily. This technique helps you to make a tasty, delectable and healthy dish. By using basic grilling equipment such as barbecue grill, gridiron and toaster, carving or steak knife (I often just use a survival knife for everything, click here for more), you can really enjoy a delicious grilled dish. In order to improve your knowledge and skills in serving tasty and delectable grilled dish, it is beneficial that you follow and understand following outdoor grilling tips.

Indirect and Direct Grilling

Direct grilling is greatest for foods which are simple to cook such as hotdogs, fish fillets, steaks, hamburgers and boneless chicken. Ensure that you put vegetables or meat directly over coals to ensure that these foods are being cooked in not more than half an hour. When you use indirect grilling technique, ensure that you the food is placed on a drip pan before you put it over grill. For you to improve the food taste, you can pour pineapple juice or apple juice in a drip pan while you are grilling.

Where to Grill

For the purpose of safety, it is good that outdoor grilling is done in a well-ventilated area. Moreover, keep children away from the grilling area since the fumes produced have harmful health effects. In addition, it is significant to avoid putting the grilling set near to things which easily be ignited like overhangs, deck railings, shrubbery and fences.

Tenderizing Meat

To ensure that the meats which you are to grill are tender, it is good that you the meat is boiled in a pan for at least fifteen minutes. After boiling is done, marinate the meat in a tasty barbecue sauce for at least thirty minutes to 2 hours. Apply the sauce over the meat while over the grill and save other.

In conclusion, following the above outdoor grilling tips, you can have best meal.
photo credit: melodramababs via photopin cc